How to avoid putting pounds on this Christmas

I love Christmas and everything it brings. It is a wonderful time of the year catching up with loved ones, eating lots of tasty treats and having a few drinks. Just looking at the tin of sweets makes me happy but I know the scales won't be happy in the New Year if I keep eating them. Here are a few tips on how to avoid putting on weight over the festive season. Hope I practice what I preach this Christmas.


Chia Seeds – How good are they for you?

I'm sure you have all heard the word "Superfood" but do you really know what it is.   A lot of articles have been written on how 'superfoods' can prevent heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, and more. So when I read of the benefits of introducing superfoods into my daily lifestyle, I had to check them out. Imagine…Read more Chia Seeds – How good are they for you?

My favourite makeup tips.

When I was growing up I never wore makeup. I never got my eyebrows done,  never got my nails painted and the first time I had my makeup professionally applied was the morning of my wedding. This might sound crazy to some of you but it's true.  It was a combination of loosing weight and turning 40  when I noticed the world…Read more My favourite makeup tips.

How to feel good this January.

Yesterday was blue Monday and maybe for some people worrying about the outstanding Visa Bill, travelling to and from work in the dark or having a dry January made them feel blue and a bit down in the dumps. For me yesterday came and went and I felt great.  I was full of energy and in…Read more How to feel good this January.

My 2018 Goals

  Hope you are all settling back into some normality after your Christmas break.  I'm back at work, eating a lot less and drinking more water which is always a good thing. Already I've heard people  chatting about giving up on their new years resolutions.   I don't do resolutions. Instead I set myself a few goals and remind myself throughout the year of…Read more My 2018 Goals