Have you ever picked up something in a shop and on seeing the price tag you quickly put it back on the shelf. Like most people, I love nothing more than getting a bargain.  When I find a pair of designer jeans that I have always dreamed of having, 90% cheaper than high street prices, I feel like I won the lotto.

Bargains like these, in your normal high street store or fashionable boutique are a rare occurance but there is a big chance of finding such bargains in one of the many charity shops that can now be found in most towns and cities.

The number of people who drop their amazing, good quality, designer clothes into charity shops is on the increase. Perhaps they are moving house and don’t have enough room for their clothes or maybe they have outgrown or never worn them. The main reason I drop clothes to charity shops is because I no longer like the style or colour and also to make space in my wardrobe for something new I might pick up.  Charity shops are like treasure troves where you can pick up a perfect jacket, dress or designer handbag for little or nothing while helping a good cause.


I recently hit the jackpot after spending the afternoon visiting a number of charity shops in my local town.

I found two gorgeous pairs of jeans. A pair of “7 for all mankind” for just €10. These jeans retail around €200. I would never spend this amount of money on a pair of jeans so feel really lucky to find this pair.

I also got a pair of black skinny OASIS jeans which I love for €6.50. I have the same pair in a dark denim so I knew the moment I saw them, they were for me.

In another charity shop I picked up a pair of unworn black ankle boots  (H&M) for €5.  Obviously they were too big or too small for the person who dropped them in because they were never worn and were in perfect condition. Not a mark on them.

One thing I set out to look for was a big black bag and after a bit of a rummage I came across a very soft leather bag.  It was only €2.  When I later checked the code on the inside of the bag it popped up on Google that it was a “Genuine Michael Kors Bag”. I got some surprise but love the bag whether it was designer or not.  Only one problem with big bags, is that it can be hard to find your keys or phone but this one has a big zipped pocket inside and is a gorgeous statement piece that I love.i-am-ot-a-shopaholic

I also picked up gifts of a lovely Miss Guided dress (€5) and a white Abercrombie top (€6.50) along with a lonely planet travel guide for a friend for just €1.

My advise for anybody who has never gone into a charity shop or for those who went in but turned and came out without looking is “don’t knock it until you try it”.  Charity shops have loads of expensive items for very low prices. I ended up with huge bargains and clothes that I love and will wear again and again. Believe me, you will find a bargain or two if you visit your local shop.   My advise is, take your time, have a good look around and try things on to make sure they fit before buying.


Then when your all shopped out, treat yourself to a nice large coffee where you can sit back and admire your purchases and feel that warm glow of satisfaction of a successful shop  while helping someone in need.

Thanks for reading


Enable Ireland-Irish Cancer Society-St.Vincent de Paul



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