Would you like to loose weight, get fit, learn to dance, find the love of your life, run a marathon, or even change your career?  Do you have dreams, goals and ambitions?  Do you make lists of things you wish to achieve?  If you’ve said yes to any of these then a Vision Board will help you.  

Some of you reading this may have never heard of a vision board while others may have, but thought “why would I need one of those?”.

I always thought vision boards were something senior management used for large projects in the workplace.  When I learnt more about them and how I could use one in my life, I understood that it was much more than just a board with pictures, posties and thumbtacks.

For those of you who know me well, you will know how much I love making lists, organising events and planning different goals months ahead of time. When planning my very first trip to New York I annoyed all my colleagues, who had the fortune of having gone before me, about hotels, restaurants and shopping malls to visit. A year later when it came to going, a colleague asked if I was going “again”.  She thought I had gone the first time I mentioned it.  Arranging holidays well in advance is what I love doing.  So guess what is on my vision board? Yes a dream trip which will need alot of planning.

So last year I designed my very first vision board.  There were many reasons why I needed one in my life and I really believe in the statement that “your thoughts create your future”.

Some of you have asked me to share my Vision Board so hopefully in doing so you might take something from it and make one of your own.

My Vision Board has a total of 13 pictures:

  1. Surround yourself with Positive People.  This is a very important thing in my life.  I really believe that negative and jealous people can pull you down and leave you in a very unhappy place.
  2. Always see the glass half full.  This statement is to remind myself that no matter how bad things get, always look on the bright side.
  3. New Bedroom. Time to do some DIY.  I think, after 15 years my bedroom  needs a lick of paint.
  4. San Francisco. This is an expensive dream but one that I hope with a few years saving I will  make it over that bridge on a bike.
  5. Skinny Jeans.  This is to remind myself of my love of fashion and how good it feels fitting into my skinny jeans.screenshot_20170119-123859.png
  6. My Garden. I love gardening but never spend enough time in it so this is to remind me to get out and pull a few weeds whenever I can.
  7. Jumping with joy.  Have fun and do things I enjoy. Sing when I want to and dance with whoever will dance with me.
  8. Learn an instrument.  I love music and want to learn to play another instrument.
  9. Keep Calm and keep fit. After running the Dublin City Marathon I got lazy so I want to remind myself how important it is to keep fit and exercise as much as possible.
  10. Family is everything.  Make time for my family as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, godmother and aunt.
  11. Write a blog. Enjoy sharing my Food, Fitness, Fashion and positivity in a blog no matter how few followers I have.
  12. Love more and worry less.  I used to be a terrible worrier but as I get older I am trying not to worry as much.  You can never love enough.
  13. A flat tummy. Having lost over 5stone I know how difficult it is to keep the weight off and how easy it is to put weight back on.  This picture keeps me motivated to keep my weight off and remind myself how far I have come.

A vision board is a visual list of goals and dreams.  Writing lists is a good way of keeping focused but putting pictures to words is even better. We all lead busy lives and are constantly distracted with family and other peoples demands.  Having a vision board has helped me in many ways to stay focused especially on maintaining my weight loss.

screenshot_20170111-152200.pngIf after reading this I have encouraged you to make a vision board, I know you wont be disappointed. Ask yourself what do you want in your life?  Use photographs, magazine cut-outs or pictures from the Internet.  Don’t be vague by saying something like ” I want a better life”. For some people a better life might be having a new car but to somebody else it might be improving a relationship or breaking free from negative people in your life.

Take a picture of your vision board and keep it somewhere you can look at from time to time. Put it on your phone or on your computer.

If you want something badly enough you can achieve it and remember your thoughts can create your future.

Thanks for reading




4 thoughts on “Your thoughts create your future.

  1. Just love your positivity. I’m terribly guilty of finding excuses not to do things for ME….so after reading your blogs I have planned two different nights away with long life friends I haven’t had a chance to spend time with for lots of different reasons. These are really positive people so using your advice ‘avoid negativity’ played a big part of these plans. I also found two gorgeous dresses in a local 2nd hand shop for €5 each….for my holidays in June. Thank you for your encouragement and for your wonderful blogs…love them.x D xx. Vision Board next for me!!

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  2. Wow Elaine….I read about vision boards in The Secret & on Oprah, many years ago!! I said I’d do one but never did!! I have achieved some of the things that I wanted to, in my head, so I can be proud of them!! I’ve a few more that haven’t been but I’m trying! Your blogs are so very wonderfully positive….I’m not in the best place at minute & for a while now..both weightwise, chronic pain & other stuff…but I’ll keep reading your stuff & hopefully your positivity will rub off on me!! Míle míle buíochas arís girleen. T.

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  3. Thanks, I really enjoyed this piece of writing and you have inspired me to start my vision board, I’m very excited about it.
    Seeing the pictures of my goals should help me reach them!!!

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  4. What a great post! Your vision board is awesome. You are so right. Seeing your goals, thoughts, positive pictures or sayings can really help shape your mind to move you forward! Well done! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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