Where did January disappear to?. Springtime is upon us and we have started to say goodbye to the darkest, coldest month of the year. For those of us who found January difficult, well done…we made it through to springtime. For me January is a difficult month for many reasons which includes missing people I love.  Financially I start my Christmas shopping in October so my Visa bill is well maxed out by the end of Jan.  On a positive note  I notice an extra 30 minutes of daylight stretching the shorter days into long bright evenings. This definitely lifts my spirits and helps me in everyway.

So how did your January go? Did you make any new years resolutions? Did you hope for a happy and healthier you in 2017?  Are you glad to see brighter days and longer evenings?

Ok…I agree .. I ask alot of questions for a small blogger but I would love to share my wishes as we move from Winter to Spring and welcome one of the most wonderful seasons.  You have to agree with me how amazing it is to see the daffodil buds pushing through the frosty grass.  daffodils

This year I made no new years resolutions,  simply because I don’t like to pressurise  myself.  Who can remember last years resolutions? Exactly. That’s why resolutions are not for me.  In a couple of weeks nobody will remember what they set out to achieve in the first few days of the year. I prefer to plan a few small goals that will turn into life long changes.

For alot of people weight, relationships and fitness is a huge concern.  Some of you may wish to loose a couple of pounds,  half a stone or maybe more.  Some of you might hope to meet the love of your lives in 2017 and more of you may hope to get fit and run 5km.

I look at Springtime as a time for new beginnings and new dreams. Dreams of booking a flight to somewhere warm in the hope of wearing a nice summer dress or nice shorts by the beach.  I have already began to think of warm weather and evenings by the beach.

Here are a few simple things, I think can make a difference in helping to  achieve your new beginnings for Spring 2017.

  •  Journal

No matter what you want to achieve, weight, relationship, employment or otherwise it always helps to write things down everyday.  Write down how you are feeling, what you are hoping to achieve today.  Write down what you are thankful for no matter how small. Plan to be 1% better each  day.

  • Set goals

Set goals that you hope to achieve.  Be realistic and don’t set out to achieve things that are out of your reach.  Do the couch to 5km you have always dreamed of doing.  Eat healthier. Take more time for yourself. Make that phonecall to a friend that you have been meaning to catch up with for so long.

  • Plan

I am a firm believer that you can’t achieve things without planning. Plan that night out with someone special. Get the brochures for that city break you are hoping to go on. Set up that savings account for that big dream of yours. Do something about you dream and make it work for you.

  • Prepare

If it is diet related you need to prepare every meal for every day for every week. If it is work  related you need to prepare for that interview, prepare by up skilling and prepare by making contacts with the people who matter. If it is fitness you need to prepare that programme, visit your gym or make contact with a buddy who will help you get fit.

  • Reward

No matter what you goal is, once you achieve it you need to reward yourself. I am a firm believer that once you achieve your goal you need to buy yourself something nice, organise a nice meal with a friend or treat yourself to a manicure. Remember you need to reward yourself for your efforts.   This will give you the drive to push yourself and achieve your next goal.spring-is-in-the-air11

The statement that “Time waits for no man ” (or woman) is so true and in a blink of an eye we will be planning our Spring/Summer wardrobe and enjoying longer evenings and the summer sunshine.

So wrap up and get outside and make the most of everyday. The darkest nights often produce the brightest stars. Love and be loved.


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