Do you own a weighing scales? Is it lying under a layer of dust in the spare room in need of a new battery? Or are you one of the lucky ones, confident that your weight never changes because your jeans still fit you perfectly? Lots of people weigh themselves daily, weekly or monthly, while others never stand on the scales unless a visit to the doctor requires taking off their shoes and hopping on the scales.  So should we weigh ourselves regularly or is it ok to throw away the sad step forever?

Let me be the first to put my hand up and say “I weigh myself every second day”.  I know, you are probably thinking this is crazy but for me it is something I do without thinking.  Like brushing my teeth it has become a habit to hop on the scales first thing every morning and wait for the magic numbers to appear.  So should I ditch the scales or does some good actually come from my morning weigh in?

A lot of articles have been written in recent months about the “sad step” stating that some people get fixated by the scales and the number that stares up at them. For those of you who don’t know the expression “the sad step” it comes from The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. He maintains that the scales are bad for you as its only part of the bigger picture. I love following Joe Wicks on Social Media.  His variety of HIITS and delicious dinners made me go out and buy two of his books.  However I don’t get the term “sad step” and prefer to call it the “happy step”.


happy scales.pngMy Happy Step Tips:

  • Weigh yourself at the same time every day.
  • Leave the scales on a tiled surface – Carpet will not give you an accurate reading
  • Record your weight in your food diary so you can compare the food/drink that is helping you loose weight.
  • If your weight goes up a pound or two cut out carbs for a day or two.
  • Drink 2 litres of water everyday – Water helps your kidneys cleanse and rid your body of toxins.

I agree that two people both the same height and gender can weigh the same but their bodies may look completely different.    Some of us carry weight in different places.  The first place I put weight on are my thighs and the first place I lose it is my face.  I know exactly when I have weight put on before I ever step on the scales but I still need to confirm that the bad eating choice has resulted in a bigger number staring up at me.

Nothing-tastes-as-good-as-skinny-feels.pngI think about my weight every day because having lost over five stone I never want to put weight on again.  I know how easily my weight can fluctuate and how easily I can put on a few pounds in a week if I’m not careful. I love to feel good in my clothes and really agree with Kate Moss who said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.  The main reason I weigh myself is to award myself for my hard work and efforts after healthy eating and working out. Weighing regularly keeps me focused.  For some people numbers are nothing, but if you have weight to loose then you need to track  progress no matter how small it is.

wp-1488385258673.pngSome people may argue that muscle development is very important when you lose weight and that taking photos is the best way of knowing what you have lost.   Last year I put away the scales for eight weeks.  I followed a strict diet and was dying to see how much weight I had lost every week. It was difficult to go without the scales even though I knew I was eating really well.  I tracked my progress by measurements and took photos of before and after.  I knew I had toned up, lost weight and was thrilled to have lost over a stone in weight and dropped a full jeans size. It was good to see my progress in colour, not just in numbers but I could not wait to bring back out the scales for my daily weigh in.

I know some of you might argue that seeing the numbers on the scales rising, will almost always leave you feeling disappointed.  Maybe you would rather leave the weigh-ins to once a week. It really depends on your mind-set.  I really believe that tackling your weight on a daily basis is an important way to drop pounds.   I know that if I ate a salty, carb-filled meal for dinner then I would definitely see the number go up when I would step onto the scale the next morning. This prevents me from repeating the bad behaviour and keeps me on track.

Whatever you choose be happy with your decision.  Don’t weigh yourself everyday if you are not prepared for the truth.  Stay focused, stay positive and stay confident and you will lose weight and hopefully you will be replacing the sad step with a happy step.

Thanks for reading.



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