I just heard we are promised hotter weather than the Canaries this weekend  with temperatures reaching 18 degrees in most places.  This means that Summer is on the way. Do you know what else this means?

Lighter clothes and maybe exposing arms and legs for the first time?  I don’t know about you but I have worn nice baggy, comfy clothes for the last few months but now it is time to start bringing the brighter and lighter colours back into my wardrobe. So are  you ready for the light layers or will you have to camouflage that muffin top over your jeans for the Summer months?
original_set-of-four-silicon-muffin-top-cupcake-moulds.jpgIf you are conscious of exposing some extra weight you put on over the winter then don’t worry.  The weather is set to change again next week reverting back to colder conditions but one nice day might give you an incentive to lose some weight for the Summer so when it does return you will feel confident and ready to wear that t-shirt over your skinny jeans.
The good news is you have three months to work on loosing that muffin top and lose those extra pounds.  Follow these few steps for the next three months and  you will be ready for the summer sunshine when it arrives.
APRIL – Month 1
If you’re new to exercise the best thing you can do is to walk.  If you are out of shape then walking is a good way of getting some exercise but I don’t mean just 20 minutes of a stroll. You need to walk at least 3 times a week and quickly build up your distance and your speed to where you will feel slightly out of breath.  Do this bit by bit and before you know it you will have stretched the distance and feel much fitter.

If you regularly walk then you could start a more strenuous exercise like cycling, spinning, Pilates or boxercise classes. You know from reading my blogs I love doing HIIT sessions. 20 to 30 minute of High Intensity Interval Training.  [See links to some of my favourites HIITs below]

MAY – Month 2

With Month 1 being the start to your fitness, Month 2 becomes the “step it up” month. By month two your body is adapting itself to more exercise now, so now its time to start pushing harder:

1. Frequency- If you were working 3/4 days a week add another day.
2. Intensity – Remember work until you feel out of breath and push your heart rate more and sweat more.
3. Time- If you were doing 20 minutes exercise try to increase it to 30 minutes.
4. Difficulty –  If you were walking its time to start climbing those hills or going from a fast walk to a slow jog.

summer fashion

JUNE – Month 3
By now you will begin to look and feel better and fitting into some of your summer clothes. You will know what your body is capable of and if possible you should be able to test how far you really can go.  If you are doing a HIIT then you should really feel the burn in your legs and arms. This is the month that you  might try your first 5km and register for your first 10km.

They say summer bodies are made in Winter so you still have loads of time. Keep in mind that having a healthy body is made up of the following:

  • 70% Food
  • 20% Exercise
  • 10% Mind set


Remember the only person you should compare yourself to, is the person you were  yesterday.

Thanks for reading






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