Do you bite your nails? Pull your hair? Snack too much?
No matter what your bad habit is the process of breaking a habit is all the same. Breaking a Habit all comes down to your MINDSET.

Everybody has bad habits but some of us give up instead of trying harder. Sometimes I come home from a long day at work and reach for the Chocolate biscuits that I swore I wouldn’t touch until the weekend.  But when I am really serious about reaching my goal and changing habits then I will strive hard to achieve it.
While training for the Dublin City Marathon I never once failed on setting my alarm and getting up for my run.  I knew that if I didn’t get my run in early in the day it would not happen.  I also  knew that without having all the miles under my belt I would not finish 26.2 miles and I wanted to cross that finishing line more than anything.
If you have a bad habit and you want to stop then you have to set your mind on what you want to change and why you want to change it.  If you want to stop snacking and loose weight then you need to ask yourself why do you want to loose weight?  Are you not happy with your shape?   Do you want feel slimmer? Then you need to stop doing what your doing and make the change.
Write down what weight you are and what weight you want to achieve. Put it somewhere that you will see it everyday. Imagine what you want to look like and mentally tell yourself this is what you want more than anything.
It’s important to understand that we cannot get rid of bad habits; we can only replace them.
When things go wrong in our lives most of us respond to them with thoughts and actions.  So how can you stop yourself reaching for the chocolate and then eating it without even enjoying it.
  •  Surround yourself with positive people who will support your reason for breaking the habit. 
  • Create goals with your spouse or friends and compete together. If this is a challenge, find a way to constantly expose yourself to positive inspiring information.
  • Write down what BAD habit you want to remove from your life AND how you are going to remove it.



WHAT – Stop hitting the snooze button each morning? 

HOW – Set yourself TWO alarms at the other end of your room that will make you get up and out of the bed.  When you have to get up and out of bed you will have overcome the habit and know that you set these for a reason.

WHAT – Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks

HOW – Find photos of people who drank fizzy drinks everyday and have lost limbs to diabetes, or print pictures of people before and after pictures of people who simply quit drinking fizzy drinks for six months.

WHAT – Stop looking at your phone in the Car

HOW – Put phone in bag and bag in boot.

WHAT – Make your bed every morning?

HOW – Put one of the ten “cushions”  by the bedroom door. (Yes I have 10) When you wake and are forced to move the pillow before opening the door, you will make the bed.

So tell yourself no matter what bad habit you want to remove from your life you have the power to remove it.

HABITS3Thanks for reading



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