It’s that time of the year again and whether you are going away for a long weekend or lucky enough to get a week or more in the sun the rules for packing are the same. I used to pack as much for one night as I would for one week but now I can go for two weeks with a very small carry on bag.  Here are some simple tips for packing as little as possible for that well deserved break.

Don’t Stress

One thing to remember is that you can purchase most things while on holidays and some times you will find things cheaper so don’t panic if you forget something.  The main things you need are your Tickets/Passports/Travel Insurance/Itinerary/Hotel Bookings/Prescribed Medicine.  Once you have these and plenty of money you will survive.  Don’t forget to ring your bank before you leave home so you wont have any problems using your cards if you are travelling overseas.

sun hat
Pack as little as possible

How many times have you arrived back from holidays with clothes that you’ve never worn? If you are going away to somewhere warm for seven nights you won’t need anymore than three outfits. By day stick to shorts with a simple top and for night, a light dress or skirt with one or two nice tops.   Bring a few accessories which will change an outfit – smart belt, large sun hat, light scarf or fancy flip flops. Washing facilities are plentiful in most holiday destinations so if you run out of bits to wear you can use these.

Wear your bulky clothes when travelling

Don’t try and squeeze your hoodie or runners into your suitcase. Wear them instead. Planes can be cold so you will be glad you have your hoodie on hand when the air conditioning is turned on.  You can always roll it up and use it as a pillow for you or your little ones.

Remember the limit on liquids

Most airlines have a 100 ml limit on liquids so fill small bottles with your moisturiser, toner etc.  You can get a set of mini travel bottles in most pharmacies to put your lotions in which are approved to carry on planes.  If you travel with only carry on luggage remember not to purchase items more than 100ml abroad or you won’t be able to bring them home.

Pack wisely

sun shade 2The first thing I love to do when I arrive at my destination is to have a shower or a quick swim. I usually pack my shoes to the bottom and leave my swimming togs/bikini and towel on top of my bag so I can access them easily. If you are  bringing hand luggage make sure and check what size bag is allowed on board.

Power Bank and earphonespower bank

Pack your travel plug/adapters/chargers/power bank/headphones into one section of your bag. I keep my phone charger and headphones on me at all times.  I hate when my battery runs low so whenever I see a spare power point while at an airport, I power up.

Roll your clothesrolled clothes

Try rolling your clothes instead of folding them.   Rolled clothes have no creases so you can unpack and hang them up straight away.  You will also fit a lot more items in your bag by rolling but be careful of your weight restrictions, depending on your airline.

Going on holidays is a very exciting time.  Enjoy the planning before and excitement during your trip.  Pack smartly and remember if you forget something you can always pick it up when you arrive at your destination.

 Most importantly have fun, smile and make lots and lots of special memories.

 Thanks for reading.


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