“Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you absolutely nowhere’.

We all worry from time to time.  Some of us worry about small things while others worry about bigger issues. So why do we let ourselves worry  and how can we avoid worrying about things that we have no control over?

I  was  big worrier.  I worried a lot in my teenage years.  I worried about my school work and results, my family if they were sick and my dog when he went missing.  I worried about getting a seat on the train or where I would park if the carpark was full.  Now I look back and wonder why I let myself worry so much. So much time spent worrying about nothing.

Rocking ChairNow my life keeps me busy and therefore I have less time to worry about things.   I worry a lot less and mostly about things that are actually in my control.    95% of what people worry about never happens and the remaining 5% handle the problem much better than they expected.  Worry brings stress and stress makes you prone to heart disease, premature aging, depression and many many more things I won’t go into. So how did I take control and stop worrying about the little things? Here are my tips.

  1. Stop worrying about what other people think  If you are worried what somebody thinks then ask them straight out – this will clear the air and you will feel much happier knowing what the issue is and find a way of resolving it rather than continue to worry.
  2. Exercise daily. Exercise is a great way to stop worrying. Put on your jacket and go for a walk. A 30 minute walk will allow you the time to think about things in detail and after your walk you will feel in control of the situation and realise that worrying wont help things.
  3. As a way of coping be more prepared for what might happen.  Make a list of things that might happen and plan an alternative if things don’t work out.  This might be that job you didn’t get or the relationship that didn’t work out. Ask yourself what purpose will worrying serve.
  4. Switch off. Put away your phone/laptop/tablet and listen to some music, try a new recipe or read a few chapters of that book you never got a chance to read.
  5. Talk to somebody about what’s on your mind. A problem shared is a problem halved.   A lot of people worry about things that can be shared with others. Sharing a worry with somebody can reduce the worry in half and can help you deal with the problem without carrying it on your own.

stop worryingSo whatever you are worrying about ask yourself is it worth it. I think of the pebble in the shoe story. “While out for a walk a pebble ends up in your shoe but you try and ignore it. Yet the longer you leave it, the tiny pebble feels bigger and bigger.  Then you stop to remove it and realise it is only a tiny pebble and not the big stone you thought.” So next time you worry and feel the weight on your shoulder stop and think about what your worry really is.  It may not be as big a problem as you thought and remember worrying doesn’t change anything.

Thank for reading.




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