I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the beautiful colours of autumn all around us.  I love this time of year and even though the evenings are closing in on us, it is nice to take time and reflect on the year so far and plan the next few weeks ahead.

Some of you may have heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”. This quote was written by Benjamin Franklin who was a successful writer, philosopher, scientist, politician, and helped with the founding of the United States of America. He was successful in lots of ways. However I don’t think Benjamin wrote this quote for people trying to loose weight or achieve a fitness goal. However, his quote is what I use  to achieve my mini goals of health, fitness and wellbeing every day.

I am a planner. I plan everything. I plan the clothes I’m going to wear to work, the food I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the people I need to visit, the exercise I need to do, the places I want to see.  Lots of people use planners for different things- Students, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Travellers.  I have a simple notebook that I jot down all the things I need to do each day.

Some of you might think all this planning is a bit crazy.  I know not everybody likes to plan and  I have friends who go from day to day having very little plans and cope fine. For me  I am at my happiest when I have a plan. I feel that when I don’t have a plan, I become somebody else’s plan and I don’t really like this.
If you get stressed from time to time and find you are just about coping at what comes your way, then maybe  my 5 reasons to plan might help you become more organised, feel less stressed, loose weight and overall give you more confidence at what the world throws at you.
My 5 Reasons to Plan

1. Planning makes things less stressful

When I plan things I feel in control. Whether it is my fitness plan for the week or what I’m going to eat each day, I need to plan it all in advance. If planning is new to you then start off by making small plans that you can turn into bigger ones over time.  Take control.

2. Planning can save money
Whether you are buying a present for someone special or a nice bunch of flowers for your kitchen table then planning what to buy and where might save some money. If you are lucky enough to get a voucher even a grocery coupon put  them into your wallet when you get them. How many of us have unused vouchers because when it comes to paying, the voucher is nowhere to be found.  Plan ahead and you will be delighted you had your voucher ready to use, instead of having to pay cash.
3. Planning saves time
Planning ahead saves a lot of time.  Some of our lives are so busy that finding time to meet friends for a coffee or lunch can be a real treat. Maybe we only have an hour to catch up with each other so make sure and use your time wisely. It is important to plan where you will park your car, what restaurant you will eat in and if you know the restaurant plan ahead and reserve a table so you can spend that special time together.
4. Planning allows you to appreciate things morekeep-calm-and-learn-to-appreciate
Planning things like time spent with family and loved ones can really bring home how wonderful time spent together really is. Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary can really help you appreciate life more and make memories. We all appreciate the things we like doing.  I love to plan a trip to the beach when I know the weather is going to be fine and appreciate the waves crashing around my tired legs after a long walk.
5. Planning allows you to do things you never thought possible
I have achieved a lot of things I never thought possible because I made plans. I planned on running a marathon and followed a fitness plan each day. When I lost all my weight I  planned every meal and still do to keep the weight off. I put money into my savings so I can afford a nice treat, weekend break or family holiday. I plan all the places I want to travel and see and sometimes I book holidays even a year in advance to get the best value for money.  I have been fortunate to stay in amazing hotels because I  booked early.
So these are just some of the reasons I like to plan.  When I plan I am stress-free, I eat sensibly, I exercise more and I enjoy every moment rather than worrying about the what, where and when.
Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of your pants person?  Let me know.
Thanks for reading

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