Do you spend time helping others and don’t have time for yourself?  We all lead very busy lives but whether you are running after your toddler, worrying about teenagers or caring for an elderly parent, it is important to find time for yourself.  Taking time for yourself is not a waste of time.

Time1Research has shown that women today have so much more than women had forty years ago.  However they are less happy. There are many theories about why, but lack of free time is the major reason.  Most of us don’t take care of ourselves. If we don’t take time to look after ourselves we are no good to others.

Here are my five reasons why you need to find time for yourself everyday:

1. Prioritise “ME” time.

Ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do the groceries when the fridge was running empty or put diesel in the car when it was running low.  You now need to think of yourself as that fridge that needs restocking or the car that needs diesel.  If you don’t make time for yourself your body will starve and your engine will just stop. Remember you are the most important person.

2. Recharge your battery regularly.

thWhen you recharge your battery you will have to stop working for a short period in order to rest so that you have more energy when you start working again. Try to find a half an hour every day for yourself. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Take ten minutes at a time but  before you decide what you’re going to do with the time, promise yourself that you won’t waste it. Go for a walk, read a chapter of a book or maybe make yourself a cup of coffee and put your feet up.

3. Give up something

If you try and do everything for everybody  you will burn out so maybe you should give up something small. Ask your child to fill the dishwasher or show your teenager what setting on the machine they should wash their clothes. This will give you some free time and will give them confidence of doing the washing, keeping the kitchen clean and helping with housework.

4. Play a game

Kids love to do things when they are competing with each other. Turn the music up loud and get them to pair some socks in 60 seconds.  The person who has the most socks paired is the winner. This will keep you from having to go through laundry, matching socks.


5. Switch off

Turn  off all phones, tablets, laptops from 5pm each evening.  This can be really difficult for some people but definitely worth trying. Leave your phone, tablet and laptops out of the bedroom. Everybody needs to relax and switch off.



65% of women who say they are “very happy” make time for themselves.  Try and find time for yourself.  Believe me you will feel much happier if you do and remember when you feel rested you will be able for whatever lies ahead of  you.

Thanks for reading.



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