In just six weeks Christmas day will be over and we will begin to hear and see ads for loosing weight.   Do you want to put weight on over Christmas and have to spend the first two months of the new year trying to loose it or would you like to be strong enough to stay focused and avoid putting on pounds this Christmas?  If so then read on.

It is hard for people to continue to exercise and eat healthy in the cold and dark of winter.  Recently one of the best fitness gurus admitted that he was finding it difficult to keep exercising and avoid sweet things.  It is his business to motivate others and encourage people to eat healthy, loose weight and get fit.  However this time of the year with the dark evenings and the cold weather it is more difficult to keep motivated.

christmasThe Christmas countdown to a healthier you starts now!  If you are like me and have lots of nights out planned with  friends between now and December 25th then I know you will want to follow these five simple tips to start 2018 happier and healthier.


Most nights out at Christmas time revolve around food and drink.  For lots of people weight is not an issue but for me having lost over 5 and a half stone I need to keep focused everyday and watch what I eat and drink leading up to and over the festive season.

Follow these five tips everyday for a happier healthier you this Christmas and 2018.

1. Drink Water.

glass of waterWater is so good for you and it really fills you up.  I have blogged before about the benefits of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and can’t stress enough how important it is for losing and maintaining weight loss.

2. Food Diary.

Write down EVERYTHING you eat everyday. A little bite here and a little snack there can really increase the amount of calories we eat in a day. For people finding it hard to loose weight this can be a real eye opener.


3. Portion Size.

If you are out eating with friends, you don’t need to have a starter, main and dessert, even if it is included in the price. Skip the starter or have the starter as your main. If you know you are eating out with friends then have something very light earlier in the day.  Check out the menu before you go to the restaurant and know what your order will be so you don’t get tempted when you get there. Try and avoid dessert. It is not worth it and have a tea or coffee instead.

4. Say NO.

Say no to treats and keep saying NO.  Think of the way you feel when your clothes are tight.  Then think how you feel when people compliment you at your lightest.  This is what I do when it comes to treats at work, at a friends house or at a party. You will realise that you don’t need all those treats and saying NO will help you loose a few pounds.

5. No Late Eating.

eating late

Don’t eat after 7pm each evening. Lots of us are dreadful for picking and snacking late into the evening.  If you are trying to loose weight then break this bad habit now. I have introduced Intermittent Fasting for the lead up to Christmas.  This means I don’t eat after 7pm each evening.  I have realised that the amount of food I ate late in the day was a bad habit and I don’t need it. Try it between now and Christmas and feel the benefits.  You will thank me.

Believe me if you stick to these five simple rules you will surprise yourself.  Try it for a few weeks and your clothes will feel looser, your skin will be clearer and you will look and feel amazing dancing on the dance floor over Christmas.

Thanks for reading



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