Hope you are all settling back into some normality after your Christmas break.  I’m back at work, eating a lot less and drinking more water which is always a good thing. Already I’ve heard people  chatting about giving up on their new years resolutions.   I don’t do resolutions. Instead I set myself a few goals and remind myself throughout the year of what I want to achieve the most. So if your looking for a few ideas keep reading.

Goal No. 1 Lights Out.


There is nothing I love more than cleaning up after dinner, turning on the dishwasher, wiping the worktops, making myself a nice cup of coffee and switching off the lights in the kitchen.  I say “kitchen closed – chef gone home”.   This is a simple but great habit to have because once you tell yourself the kitchen is closed  you won’t be as tempted to pull out the toaster, boil the kettle or go to the biscuit jar for a late snack.  I  mentioned in a previous blog how eating after 7pm is bad for you. So try  switching off the lights early and closing the door on your clean kitchen and who knows you might be a few pounds lighter by the end of the month.


Goal No. 2 Enjoy Exercise.

The beach for me is one of my favourite places.  Whatever the weather I love it.  Sometimes without realising it I have walked miles which is a real bonus for those of you who got fitness trackers for Christmas. Most of you know my favourite beach is the wild windswept beach at Doonbeg,  Co. Clare. The journey takes me  about an hour and my two dogs love it as much as I do. If you live inland and the beach is not an option for you then climb to the top of a hill or mountain or walk to work if you can.  Exercise at any time of the day will make you feel great.

For more read  my blog on “Exercise Needs to be Fun”.


Goal No. 3 Travel More.

I love going places.  Whether I stay in Ireland or catch a cheap flight for a long weekend the excitement of booking and looking forward to a trip always makes me happy. I always have a trip in my head or half booked. When I know I have something to look forward to then I save harder.  I cut back on goodies and bring my lunch to work.  Not buying lunch is a great way of saving money and a brilliant way of loosing weight.  All I have to do is think of that holiday and all the lunch preparations are worth it. More importantly when you bring your own lunch you know exactly what you are eating and this can also help keep your weight down.

For more read my blog on “My Top Travel Tips”

Book a flight


Goal No. 4 Capture Memories

Each year I take loads and loads of photographs.  I love looking over photos and remembering all the places and people I’ve met.  I recently put a lot of photos under a glass top on my kitchen table.  Now when we sit down to eat all the memories come flooding back and we can’t stop talking about that great holiday or that wonderful family event when the photo was taken.20180103_222119.jpg

I also love doing photo albums and have made a few over the years which I love to pick up from time to time.  Now is the time to gather all my photos for 2017 and create another album.  You will find some great photo book offers at the moment online so check out photobox.ie or snapfish.ie and get creating.


Goal No. 5  Smile more and worry less.

sunshineFor some people worrying is part and parcel of who they are.  When I was a teenager I worried ALOT.   Now that I am older my worries have completely changed.

Things that never bothered me before are top of my worry list.   I am getting better at dealing with worry and keep asking myself   “what is the worst thing that can happen”?  Remember there is always sunshine after rain.

So if you worry about things that are totally out of your control stop and think about something nice for a few minutes.


For more read my blog on  “How to Worry Less”.


Hope you enjoyed reading a few of my goals for 2018. I think it is good to have dreams goals and ambitions no matter what age you are. I am sure you have plenty  for 2018 so write them all down and read them often to remind yourself what you hope to achieve and why.

Believe in yourself and anything is possible.


Thanks for reading




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