Yesterday was blue Monday and maybe for some people worrying about the outstanding Visa Bill, travelling to and from work in the dark or having a dry January made them feel blue and a bit down in the dumps. For me yesterday came and went and I felt great.  I was full of energy and in very good form for a Monday in mid January. Why was that?

Now I am like most of you, especially when it comes to hitting that snooze button in the morning for an extra 5 minutes.  Or waking numerous times a night to see the clock telling me I have another 4 or 3 or 2 hours before its time to  get up.  I love waking and knowing I can go back to sleep.  I am generally a very positive  person and little things like getting a nice card in the post from a friend or seeing how excited my two dogs get when I arrive home from work make me very happy.

One of my friends  recently said” Elaine I need some of your positivity to help me feel better about things”.  So here I am, sitting beside the fire and ready to share some positive vibes. Here are 3 simple things to try to pull yourself out of the dull drums and stop letting the dark nights and bad weather get you down.

No. 1  Exercise

healthy-light-woman-legs.jpgEvery time you exercise you immediately have more energy and your mood improves.  This is because the endorphins that are released are specifically designed to make you feel good.  Now when I say you need to exercise I don’t mean you have to purchase a gym membership or go crazy buying new runners, gym gear etc.  Make exercise simple and exercise for just 20 minutes a day.  If you can’t get out for a fast walk then 20 minutes exercise at home will do. I have put links to my favourite 20 minute workouts for all fitness levels and ages below  so put on your tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt and start sweating.  No equipment needed so no excuses. Believe me you will feel a million times better after 20 minutes exercise. Try it.

No. 2 Go to bed early

pexels-photo-545012.jpegHow many of us stay up late just texting friends, checking out social media or watching something we have already seen on TV. Then when it comes to getting up in the morning we are exhausted. When people are tired they can be grumpy and have less patience with family etc.  It may take a number of early nights before you really see the benefit but you will feel more optimistic, patient, and relaxed so it is definitely worth trying. I love my bed and even the idea of hopping in early so I can read a chapter of my book before nodding off makes me a happy.  After all with the bad weather outside what better comfort is there but to turn on some nice music, wrap up nice and cosy under the duvet and get a few early nights.


No. 3 Have a plan

pexels-photo-636246.jpegYou should always have a plan in your head.  We all have something in our heads that we want to do. Something very simple or something wild and exciting.  Maybe you want to loose weight, change your career, learn to dance or swim.


pexels-photo-212185.jpegI imagine a plan like a step ladder. Each time I move up a rung of the ladder I feel good and proud of what I have achieved.  I have lots of plans, small ones and very big ones and I love trying to get closer to each one of them. Nothing feels as good as the sense of achievement when you loose a few pounds or try something new.  If you have a vision board maybe now is the time to update it. Set out your exciting goals, dreams and plans for 2018 and remember that a happy mind is a happy body.

So make 2018 your year.  Don’t let external influences decide the way you feel.    Start by doing these three small things:

1) 20 minute exercise everyday

2) Go to bed early

3) Have a plan or goal that you want to achieve.

Remember your life is largely determined by what you do with it.  We all want to be happy and feel good so if you do something that makes you happy or maybe others you will feel great.

Thanks for reading





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