My favourite makeup tips.

When I was growing up I never wore makeup. I never got my eyebrows done,  never got my nails painted and the first time I had my makeup professionally applied was the morning of my wedding. This might sound crazy to some of you but it’s true.  It was a combination of loosing weight and turning 40  when I noticed the world of style and makeup around me.

Now I love fashion and makeup but I still have a lot to learn.  In 2017 I completed an intensive makeup course ran by the lovely Caroline Bourke makeup and stylist. I really enjoyed this course which really opened my eyes (pardon the pun) on the different tones, lotions, shadows, creams and tricks on how to apply make up.

pexels-photo-324654.jpegMakeup can be cheap or expensive and they say that you get what you pay for but I think it is all about how you apply it that makes the difference.  Here are a few of my favourite makeup tips that you can try out for yourself.

No. 1 Start with your eyes

I would have always put my foundation on first and finish my look by applying my eye makeup.  Now I do my eyes first.  The great thing about this is that you can remove the fallout without having to worry about fixing your foundation. Start with your brows, then lids, liner and mascara in that order.

No. 2 Don’t rush

Applying makeup correctly really takes a lot of time and a lot of practice.  If you have a spare thirty minutes over the weekend try a new look on your eyes.  If you are not in a rush you can easily wipe it all away and start again.  When doing your eye shadow start with the palest colours and build up the darker shades in your outer crease. You will find lots of tutorials on youtube that are so easy to follow.

No. 3 Foundation Test 

When you are shopping for foundation, test some on your chin and then head outside to the day light to get a proper look, as sometimes the shop lighting is not great. The foundation should blend in with your skin for a warm natural look. One of the problems I had was that my foundation would fade very quickly but this was a result of applying enough.  The trick is to start with a light layer of foundation and build it up for a more even coverage which will last the day.

No. 4 Treat yourself to a facial at least once a year

This is something that I am not good at doing but something that we should all find the time to do. All the top models have facials from time to time which makes their skin look glowing and radiant.  Your skin will feel and look amazing after a facial.

No. 5 Blend Blend Blend

Blending is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to makeup. I hate seeing lines around somebody’s face where the makeup just STOPS.  I always apply my foundation with a brush and not my fingers as I feel when I do it with my fingers it just moves all over my face and ends up very patchy. Use gentle circular strokes and build it up gently. Make sure your jaw line is well blended down into your neck.  Try and apply your makeup in a natural light and use a brush or blender to bring your foundation down your neck to balance your skin tone.



Things I can’t be without: Cleanser, sparkle eyeshadow, tweezers, plenty brushes (penneys)  and a good mirror, makeup sponge.

Thanks for reading.







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