I love Christmas and everything it brings. It is a wonderful time of the year catching up with loved ones, eating lots of tasty treats and having a few drinks.   Just looking at the tin of sweets makes me happy but I know  the scales won’t be happy in the New Year if I keep eating them.  Here are a few tips on how to avoid putting on weight over the festive season.  Hope I practice what I preach this Christmas.

No. 1 Exercise 30 minutes everyday

Exercise is probably the easiest thing to do over Christmas but when we sit in front of the fire and TV we can get very lazy and the last thing we want to do is go for a walk.  So no excuses this Christmas. Make that extra effort, put on your runners and get out in the fresh air.  If you have a dog then take him/her with you or put on your headphones and blast those songs.  Believe me you will feel a million times better after a walk and do it EVERYDAY.

No. 2 Drink at least two litres of water everyday

Water is so important for us to drink.  We tend to forget to drink water when we are on our holidays.    This Christmas make that extra effort to have a glass of water in between all that wine and you will feel much better in everyway.

No. 3 Watch portion size

Christmas dinner is often the most anticipated meal of the festive season and portion sizes go out the window.  One thing to remember is fill your plate with lots and lots of veggies.  The second thing to remember is less potatoes.  Do you really have to have the roast potato, the mash potato,  the potato stuffing and the croquet potato?

No. 4 Stop picking

When I go to a party I love to pick up a few tasty bits and not fill my plate.  However I go back again and again and again.  If I was to put the entire selection on my plate at the beginning I think I would shock myself at the volume of food.  Try and put a few bits on your plate and stick with that.  No going back for more.

No. 5 Dance and Be Happy

I love to dance and at my Christmas Party recently I brought the flat shoes so I could kick off my heels and dance the night away.  If you dance more you drink less so when you are out partying get up on the dance floor and move those limbs.  If you have pains in your muscles the morning after you will thank me. Dancing is a terrific way to shed those pounds and have lots of fun while doing it.

Hope you enjoyed reading these few tips and wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2019.

christmas home house light

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



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