Clever ways to save in 2018

January is that time of the year when all the bills pile up and when we have to start paying for all those nice things we bought before Christmas. For most of us pay day feels like it will never come and avoiding the shops is a must. So what can you do in 2018…Read more Clever ways to save in 2018


My favourite makeup tips.

When I was growing up I never wore makeup. I never got my eyebrows done,  never got my nails painted and the first time I had my makeup professionally applied was the morning of my wedding. This might sound crazy to some of you but it's true.  It was a combination of loosing weight and turning 40  when I noticed the world…Read more My favourite makeup tips.

How to feel good this January.

Yesterday was blue Monday and maybe for some people worrying about the outstanding Visa Bill, travelling to and from work in the dark or having a dry January made them feel blue and a bit down in the dumps. For me yesterday came and went and I felt great.  I was full of energy and in…Read more How to feel good this January.

My 2018 Goals

  Hope you are all settling back into some normality after your Christmas break.  I'm back at work, eating a lot less and drinking more water which is always a good thing. Already I've heard people  chatting about giving up on their new years resolutions.   I don't do resolutions. Instead I set myself a few goals and remind myself throughout the year of…Read more My 2018 Goals

Christmas Countdown to a Healthier You.

In just six weeks Christmas day will be over and we will begin to hear and see ads for loosing weight. Do you want to put weight on over Christmas and have to spend the first two months of the new year trying to loose it or would you like to be strong enough to stay focused and avoid putting on pounds this Christmas?

Finding the time……. for yourself!

Do you spend time helping others and don't have time for yourself?  We all lead very busy lives but whether you are running after your toddler, worrying about teenagers or caring for an elderly parent, it is important to find time for yourself.  Taking time for yourself is not a waste of time. Research has shown that women today…Read more Finding the time……. for yourself!