My Weekend Takeaway

After a long week,  I love nothing more than the mention of a takeaway.  I love the idea of relaxing and taking a night off from cooking and telling everyone "the chef is off duty and the kitchen is closed".   Then I ask myself do I really want to ruin my weeks exercise, avoiding carbs and saying no to tasty treats at…Read more My Weekend Takeaway


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise 

Do you plan to exercise a few days a week but then make lots of excuses not to.  Have you ever signed up for a fitness class that you were really pleased about and then just turned up once.  Sometimes we really really want to exercise, get fit and loose weight but we just cant motivate ourselves to get up and…Read more How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise 

If you try hard enough you will achieve!

I am 5ft 9inches in height. When I reached 15st 9lbs I knew I had to do something serious about loosing weight.  I had two adorable children and a husband who loved me but one thing was missing,  I didn't love myself. This might sound crazy but it was true. I did not own a pair of jeans and…Read more If you try hard enough you will achieve!